Welcome friends, I'm so glad you found me! This space is dedicated to helping you find your unique voice as an artist. From helping you define your editing style to understanding how to shoot with intention. Whatever your personal needs are, I would love to help. I'm currently offering mentorship spots as well as portfolio reviews. 



Mentoring options vary and are priced according to your needs. To discuss mentoring options please fill out the contact form here. I will be in touch within two business days. 


portfolio Reviews

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Are you building a Click Pro set or another portfolio and need help finalizing your set? 


There are so many different ways to build a portfolio and often our mind starts playing tricks on us and we begin second guessing ourselves. I was there and had all of those very feelings when I was building my Click Pro set.


Portfolio building can become overwhelming and isolating. Figuring out what makes sense is hard, especially when you feel like you don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of. I get that! 

The process of portfolio building is a lot but it makes better photographers out of us and is 100% worth the effort and time.

I encourage every photographer to build a portfolio, even if you start out small with 10 images. While building your set, your voice will begin to unfold through the process.

I offer one-on-one support while you build your set. Each and every image reviewed on an individual basis and the entire set should flow as a whole. I offer guidance, support, feedback and constructive criticism. 


Not a professional photographer? If you have a passion for photography combined with a desire to learn and improve your work, building a portfolio is still a great idea.


For professional sets, I offer an optional 3-step mentorship approach that includes an initial review, second review and final review with customized feedback at each step. In between reviews, I will work with you, I'm here to answer your questions and direct you on the suggested changes before moving through to the next step. The process is challenging but fun and so worth it! You can totally do this!






3 Step Pro Portfolio Review 

25-50 Image Portfolio Review 



10-20 Image Portfolio Review 




“Hollie was so generous with her time and talent as a mentor. She was extremely thorough going through every one of my images (multiple times) and helping me understand how to make them each stronger and cohesive. It got to the point where I started to preemptively notice and fix things because she taught me what to look for in my photos. She was kind and encouraging and really knew what the standards were to be accepted into Click Pro. I highly recommend her services! She will absolutely help you get to where you want to be."

Hannah Grimmett| Click Pro


I can't wait to hear from you!

Send me a message me here and I'll be in touch!


Send me a message me here and I'll be in touch!

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